The Most Popular College Majors in Elon

The Most Popular College Majors in Elon: Discover the top college majors at Elon University in 2023. Find the perfect program to achieve your academic and career aspirations.

The History of Elon University

Elon University, located in Elon, North Carolina, has a rich history that dates back to 1889 when it was founded by the Christian Church. Originally called the Elon College, the institution was established as a coeducational institute with a focus on liberal arts. It started with just 76 students and 6 faculty members.

Over the years, the college expanded its curriculum and received accreditation from several organizations, including the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In 2001, the institution was granted university status and changed its name to Elon University to reflect its growth and diverse offerings.

Today, Elon University is well-known for its excellent academic programs in various disciplines such as communications, business, education, and the arts. It boasts an impressive campus that has undergone significant renovations and expansions over the years.

Elon University has a student body of approximately 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and over 50 countries. The university has a strong commitment to providing its students with opportunities for hands-on experiences, internships, and study-abroad programs.

In recent years, Elon University has gained national recognition for its innovative curriculum and commitment to sustainability. It has been named one of the “Most Innovative National Universities by U.S. News & World Report and ranked as one of the top “Green Colleges in the country by The Princeton Review.

Overall, Elon University has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the late 1800s. Today, it continues to provide its students with a top-notch education that prepares them for success in their chosen fields and for a life of service.

Academic Programs Offered in Elon

Elon University is well-known for providing its students with a broad range of academic programs in various fields of study. At Elon, the university offers over 60 majors in fields such as Arts and Sciences, Communications, Business, Education, Health Sciences, and many more.

The university’s most popular major is Business Administration, followed by Communications and Finance. Elon’s business program is renowned for its wide-ranging curriculum, with concentrations such as entrepreneurship, marketing, and international business. The Communications program is well-respected and provides rigorous coursework in digital media, journalism, film, and broadcasting.

Elon also provides opportunities for students to take part in unique programs such as their Honors Program and Fellows Programs, which provide extra academic and research opportunities in specified areas. For students who are uncertain about what they want to study, they can choose to participate in Elon’s Exploratory program, which allows them to explore various subjects before settling on a major.

Moreover, Elon offers global study programs, where students can choose to study abroad in various countries such as Australia, China, Spain, France, and more. These global study programs are widely popular and provide students with opportunities to immerse themselves in different cultures while still pursuing their academic goals.

In conclusion, Elon University provides students with many academic options that cater to their academic interests and career aspirations. They provide opportunities for students to gain real-world experience, travel abroad, and offer unique programs that will benefit students’ academic and professional careers.

The Amazing Faculty and Staff at Elon University

Elon University is blessed to have a faculty and staff that is both highly qualified and deeply committed to providing an excellent education to its students. From the professors to the campus support staff, everyone is invested in making Elon University one of the best institutions of higher learning in the country.


Elon’s faculty is made up of experts in a wide variety of fields, ranging from business and biology to journalism and psychology. Not only are they knowledgeable in their respective fields, but they are also passionate about teaching and helping their students succeed. They go above and beyond to provide students with individual attention and tailor their teaching style to meet the different needs of each student.


Elon University’s staff is just as impressive as its faculty. From admission counselors to campus security officers, each member of the staff plays a vital role in ensuring that Elon runs smoothly and efficiently. They are always available to offer assistance and guidance to students, faculty, and visitors alike. They are the unsung heroes of the university who work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

In conclusion, Elon is one lucky university to have such an amazing faculty and staff. They set the bar high for what it means to be dedicated to education and are committed to helping students succeed in their academic endeavors. Without them, Elon University would not be where it is today, a highly esteemed institution that attracts students from all around the world. We salute them for their hard work and dedication.

Campus Life in Elon

Campus Life in Elon

Living on Campus

Living on campus at Elon University offers a genuine sense of community. Many students enjoy the convenience of being a short walking distance away from classes, the library, and other on-campus resources. The dorms at Elon are spacious and comfortable, with a variety of different options to suit your needs. Living on campus also means that you’ll have access to numerous dining options and social events.

The Social Scene

Social life at Elon is vibrant, with various clubs and organizations available for students to join. From the campus newspaper to the service fraternity, there’s something for everyone. Elon is known for its engaged student body, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re interested in a particular activity, chances are there’s a club or organization dedicated to it. And if not, you can always start your own!


Elon is home to Division I athletics, with many students actively supporting the school’s sports teams. Apart from the more traditional sports like football and basketball, Elon also has a thriving e-sports program and a club rowing team. Whether you want to play sports at a competitive level or just enjoy watching the games, Elon has something for you.


Of course, academics are at the heart of any university experience. At Elon, classes are challenging and engaging, with a focus on active learning and a commitment to small class sizes. Professors are always accessible and eager to help their students succeed. With a wide variety of majors and minors to choose from, there’s ample opportunity to explore your interests and figure out what you’re truly passionate about.

In conclusion, campus life at Elon University is exciting and full of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in academics, sports, or social life, Elon offers something for everyone. It’s a tight-knit community of engaged students and faculty, all dedicated to intellectual growth and personal development. If you’re looking for a university experience that pushes you to explore new horizons, Elon is the place for you.

Research Facilities in Elon

Elon, a small town in North Carolina, is home to some of the most advanced and well-equipped research facilities in the region. The town is known for its innovative and research-oriented universities, which are always seeking new advances in science and technology. The research facilities in Elon are designed to facilitate the work of both students and faculty members, making it a hub of academic excellence.

One of the most prominent research facilities in Elon is the Latham Science Pavilion, a state-of-the-art laboratory that houses various scientific experiments and research activities. The facility has specialized equipment to carry out complex experiments in areas such as chemistry, biology, and physics. The facility is regularly updated to keep pace with the latest technological advancements and research breakthroughs.

Another prominent research facility in Elon is the Engineering Laboratory, which is home to the university’s engineering program. The laboratory is fully equipped with advanced machines and technology to help students develop their engineering projects and conduct groundbreaking research. The laboratory features specialized areas for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Elon University’s Natural Sciences Center is yet another research facility that has played a significant role in facilitating scientific and technological advancement. The center is home to various research departments, including the biology, chemistry, and environmental science programs. The facility features modern laboratories and equipment, allowing researchers to explore various themes and carry out advanced experiments.

In conclusion, the research facilities in Elon are top-notch, providing students and faculty members with cutting-edge technology and advanced research facilities. The town remains a hub of academic excellence, making it an ideal destination for students seeking to further their scientific knowledge and explore new advancements in various fields.

Admissions and Applications in Elon

The Process

The admissions process at Elon University is a competitive one. However, it is also very straightforward. Students can apply through the university’s website or through the Common Application. While the university does not require standardized test scores for admission, they are considered if submitted.


Elon University operates on a rolling admissions schedule, which means that applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year. However, there are specific deadlines that prospective students should be aware of. For example, the Regular Decision deadline is January 10th.


Elon University has a few requirements that must be met in order to be considered for admission. These include a completed application, official transcripts from all schools attended, a personal statement essay, a counselor recommendation letter, and a teacher recommendation letter. Students also have the option to submit a resume or other supplemental materials that showcase their skills and achievements.

Final Thoughts

Applying to college can be a stressful process, but Elon University tries to make it as streamlined as possible. The university values students who are passionate about learning, engaged in their communities, and motivated to make a difference in the world. If you are considering applying to Elon, be sure to thoroughly review the admissions requirements and deadlines. And, most importantly, be yourself!

Financial Aid and Scholarships in Elon

What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is a type of assistance that helps students cover the costs of education expenses such as tuition, room and board, fees, and textbooks. Financial aid can come from different sources such as the government, private organizations, or the University.

Types of Financial Aid at Elon University

Elon University offers several types of financial aid to eligible students. These include scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs. Scholarships and grants do not require repayment, whereas loans and work-study programs require students to repay them after they graduate.

Scholarship Opportunities at Elon University

Elon University offers several scholarship opportunities to qualified applicants. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, leadership ability, community service, and other criteria. Scholarships can be full or partial tuition scholarships, and some of them include stipends for room and board.

How to Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships at Elon University

To apply for financial aid and scholarships at Elon University, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid at Elon University. Students must also submit any additional forms or documents required by the scholarship or financial aid program in which they are interested.

In conclusion, financial aid and scholarships at Elon University can help make college more affordable and accessible for students who meet the eligibility requirements. Students who are interested in financial aid and scholarships at Elon University should speak with the financial aid office to determine their eligibility and to learn about the application process.

Tuition Fees in Elon

What to Expect?

Getting a quality education is an investment in one’s future. However, the cost of pursuing an education can be quite expensive. Elon University provides a first-class education and also has a reputation for being a bit pricey. As a student at Elon, you can expect to pay up to $37,794 for tuition and fees.

Breaking it Down

The tuition fee at Elon University varies depending on different factors such as your major and your academic year. For an undergraduate student, in-state tuition and fees cost approximately $37,794. This cost includes a general fee, technology fee, and health services fee. The University also offers scholarships and financial aid for students who meet the requirements.

Is it Worth It?

Many students, parents, and guardians may ask if Elon University is worth the cost. One way to approach this question is to consider the value of an Elon education. With small class sizes, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced professors, Elon University offers a quality education that can prepare students for successful careers.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, tuition fees at Elon University can seem high, but the value of the education offered is definitely worth it. It’s important to keep in mind that with financial aid and scholarships, students can offset some of the costs. Furthermore, the education and opportunities provided by the university can be life-changing and lead to a bright future.

Alumni Network and Achievements in Elon

The Importance of Alumni Network

Alumni network has become an important aspect for many universities and colleges, and Elon University is not an exception. Alumni network is not only a platform for graduates to stay connected with their alma mater, but it is also a way to provide benefits for recent graduates and current students. Elon University’s alumni network has expanded to an international level, making it easier for graduates to connect with other professionals in their field of interest.

Recent Achievements of Elon University Alumni

Elon University’s alumni have made significant contributions to various industries across the globe. The school has produced graduates who have made an impact in the field of business, politics, media, sports, and entertainment, among others. Most notably, Elon University alumnus, Brian Lamb, founded C-SPAN, a cable TV network that provides coverage of American government and public affairs. Additionally, Elon University graduate, Katie Stagliano, founded a non-profit organization, Katie’s Krops, which helps children suffering from hunger by teaching them how to grow their own organic gardens.

How Elon University Supports Alumni

Elon University has various programs to support alumni in their professional and personal development, such as career services, mentorship programs, and networking events. One of the most popular programs is The Elon Network, a mentoring platform where alumni can connect with other alumni and current students, providing support and advice on various topics, including career development, education, and personal growth.

In conclusion, Elon University’s alumni network is an essential part of the school’s mission to produce graduates who are dedicated to their profession and are willing to make a valuable contribution to their community. The support and resources provided by the alumni network can make a significant difference in the lives of graduates, both professionally and personally. The achievements of Elon University alumni are a testament to the quality of education and the culture of excellence that the school instills in its students.

Fresh Graduate Salary in Elon

Fresh Graduate Salary in Elon

In today’s job market, one of the most important things fresh graduates consider before accepting a job offer is the salary. According to recent studies, fresh graduates in Elon can expect a starting salary of around $52,000 to $65,000 per year.

However, it should be noted that the actual salary offered to fresh graduates can vary depending on numerous factors, including the industry, the company size, and the job position. Generally, fresh graduates in the tech industry tend to receive a higher starting salary compared to those in other industries.

Moreover, it’s also important to consider the cost of living in Elon, as it’s generally higher than in other areas. Therefore, fresh graduates should take this into account when negotiating their starting salary to ensure that they can comfortably live in the area without struggling financially.

Overall, fresh graduates in Elon can expect a decent starting salary, especially in the tech industry. However, it’s important to do research on the specific industry, company, and job position before accepting any job offers. This way, fresh graduates can ensure that they receive a fair and reasonable salary that aligns with their qualifications and the cost of living in the area.

Community Outreach and Engagement in Elon

Community Outreach and Engagement in Elon

Elon University prides itself on its engagement with the local and global community. The institution makes a conscious effort to reach out and make a positive impact on those around them. By providing various avenues for community members to get involved, Elon has created a culture of service that extends beyond the classroom.

One way that Elon engages with the community is through service-learning opportunities. Faculty members have integrated service projects into their curriculum, allowing students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems. These projects range from addressing issues like homelessness and hunger to promoting public health education and environmental sustainability.

Another way that Elon engages with the community is through volunteerism. The university encourages and facilitates its students, faculty, and staff to participate in various outreach programs. These efforts include working with local charities, hosting fundraising events for worthy causes, and engaging in service projects in underprivileged areas.

Moreover, Elon strives to promote diversity and inclusion through community outreach. The university’s Multicultural Center has created various programs that celebrate the diversity of cultures that exist on campus and promote understanding and inclusivity. The center also works with the surrounding community to foster a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

In conclusion, community outreach and engagement are fundamental to Elon University’s mission. Through service-learning programs, volunteerism, and diversity initiatives, the university has created a culture of giving back and making a positive impact. These efforts have not only enriched the lives of those directly benefiting from them but also helped cultivate a sense of purpose, empathy, and civic responsibility in the members of the Elon community.

Best Colleges and Universities in Elon

List of colleges and universities in Elon

Elon has become a desirable destination for students to pursue higher education due to its vibrant community, beautiful landscape, and great educational institutions. Here are the best colleges and universities in Elon.

Elon University

Elon University is a private liberal arts university that is consistently recognized among the best universities in the South. With more than 70 majors, programs, and concentrations, Elon offers a wide range of courses to the students. The university is known for its award-winning faculty, experiential learning opportunities, and strong sense of community.

Alamance Community College

Alamance Community College is a two-year college that offers certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs. The college has a diverse student body and provides affordable education to the community. Alamance Community College has numerous partnerships with local businesses and organizations, which allows students to gain practical experience and prepare for their future careers.

Burlington Christian Academy

Burlington Christian Academy is a private Christian school that offers high-quality education to the students. The academy has a strong focus on developing the whole person- students are taught to develop their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Burlington Christian Academy offers a challenging curriculum, extracurricular activities, and community service opportunities to its students.

In conclusion, Elon offers a variety of educational institutions that cater to the diverse needs of students. Whether you are looking for a four-year university, a two-year college, or a private school, you will find it in Elon. These institutions have established themselves as some of the best in the state and country, providing students with an excellent education and an enjoyable college experience.

The Most Popular College Majors in Elon

Elon University is one of the best schools in North Carolina. It is widely recognized for its excellent academic programs and top-notch faculty. Students at Elon University have a wide range of majors to choose from, but some majors are more popular than others. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most popular college majors in Elon.

Business Administration

Business Administration is the most popular major at Elon University. This program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the corporate world. Students who major in Business Administration can specialize in various areas such as marketing, finance, or accounting.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies is another popular major at Elon University. This program teaches students how to communicate effectively in different settings such as social media, public speaking, or journalism. Communication Studies majors can find employment in various industries such as advertising, PR, or broadcasting.


Psychology is a popular major at Elon University. This program focuses on the study of human behavior, thought, and emotions. Psychology majors can specialize in various areas such as clinical psychology, social psychology, or developmental psychology. Graduates can find employment in various fields such as counseling, research, or social work.

Exercise Science

Exercise Science is also a popular major at Elon University. This program explores the science behind human movement and physical activity. Exercise Science majors can specialize in areas such as athletic training, sports medicine, or physical therapy. Graduates can find employment in various fields such as fitness, rehabilitation, or sports performance.

If you are considering attending Elon University, then you should definitely consider one of these popular majors. Each of these majors can provide you with an excellent education and prepare you for a successful career. So what are you waiting for? Apply to Elon today!

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