The Most Popular College Majors in San Bernardino

The Most Popular College Majors in San Bernardino: Find out which college majors are the most popular among students in San Bernardino in 2023. Explore the most in-demand fields and career paths for the future.

History of the University in San Bernardino

The University of San Bernardino, located in southern California, was founded in 1965. The university began as a small state college, with just over 350 students in its inaugural year. Over time, the school has grown and evolved to become one of California’s premiere universities.

Throughout the 1970s, San Bernardino State College underwent some significant changes, including the addition of several new academic programs. In 1984, the institution was renamed California State University, San Bernardino, and a number of new departments and graduate programs were added.

Today, the university is home to around 20,000 students, who hail from all corners of the world. The campus is located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

San Bernardino offers a wide range of academic programs, including business, education, and engineering, among others. The school has also built a strong reputation for its research programs, with faculty members often securing grants from leading organizations such as the National Science Foundation.

Overall, the University of San Bernardino has come a long way since its early years as a small state college. Today, it remains a leading institution of higher education, providing students with a world-class education and countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Academic Programs Offered in San Bernardino

If you’re looking to further your education, San Bernardino offers a multitude of academic programs to choose from. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in science, business, arts, or education, you’ll find a variety of programs that cater to your interests and career goals.

One of the most popular academic programs in San Bernardino is the business program. This program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in management, accounting, finance, and business law. Students who graduate from this program will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the world of business.

If you’re more interested in science, then San Bernardino has several science programs to choose from. These programs vary from physical sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics to earth sciences such as geology and environmental science. Students who graduate from these programs will be well-prepared to pursue careers in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, technology, and environmental management.

For those interested in education, San Bernardino offers a variety of academic programs designed to train the next generation of teachers. These programs focus on providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the classroom, including classroom management, lesson planning, and curriculum development.

In addition to these programs, San Bernardino also offers several arts programs, including music, theater, and visual arts. These programs provide students with the opportunity to explore their creative side while also developing the skills necessary to pursue careers in the arts.

Overall, San Bernardino is a great place to pursue your academic goals. Whether you’re interested in business, science, education, or the arts, you’ll find a variety of programs to choose from that will help you achieve your career aspirations.

Faculty and Staff in San Bernardino

A Welcoming and Supportive Community

The faculty and staff members at San Bernardino are among the most dedicated and passionate professionals you’ll ever encounter. They are committed to providing students with the best possible educational experience, and they work tirelessly to cultivate a learning environment that is inclusive, dynamic, and engaging.

Whether you’re taking a class in person or online, you’ll find that our faculty members are always there to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. They are experts in their fields, and they bring that expertise into the classroom to inspire and challenge our students to reach their full potential.

Our staff members are equally committed to our students’ success, and they work behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From admissions to financial aid to student services, our staff members are always available to answer questions and provide assistance. They understand that every student’s journey is unique, and they go above and beyond to make sure that everyone feels welcome and supported.

A Passion for Teaching and Learning

At San Bernardino, teaching is more than just a job – it’s a calling. Our faculty members are passionate about their subject areas, and they are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and love of learning with their students. They use innovative teaching methods and technology to keep their classes engaging and relevant, and they are always looking for new ways to challenge their students and help them grow.

Our staff members are also committed to learning and growth, and they take advantage of professional development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. They are constantly seeking out new ways to improve their work and provide the best possible support to our students.

A Collaborative and Supportive Community

San Bernardino is more than just a college – it’s a community. Our faculty and staff members work together to create a collaborative and supportive environment that fosters learning, growth, and success. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it’s helping a student with a challenging assignment or collaborating with a colleague on a new research project.

In short, the faculty and staff members at San Bernardino are the heart and soul of our college. They are the reason why we are able to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience, and they are committed to helping every student reach their full potential.

Campus Life in San Bernardino

Campus Life in San Bernardino

If you’re looking for a fun university experience, San Bernardino is the place to be! The city boasts a variety of campuses, each offering its unique campus life, academic programs, and research opportunities. Campus life is full of entertainment and activities that keep students engaged and connected to the university community.

The social scene in San Bernardino is incredible. Students can enjoy activities that range from attending campus events, exploring the city, or joining a club. Party lovers can attend the annual Throwback Fest, the biggest event in San Bernardino, and mixer events hosted by various clubs.

Aside from social opportunities, San Bernardino is also home to advanced research centers in technology, medicine, and engineering. Students can participate in different research and intern opportunities, which provide an added advantage in the job market.

With a diverse student body, San Bernardino is the ideal place to explore different cultures, opinions, and traditions. Furthermore, international students can access extra support through the global network and multicampus initiatives.

In conclusion, Campus life in San Bernardino offers an excellent balance between academics and social activities, creating a memorable university experience for students.

Research Facilities in San Bernardino

If you’re a researcher based in San Bernardino, there are a lot of great facilities available to help you with your work. There’s a diverse range of research opportunities in the area, with options to suit a variety of different interests and fields of study.

One popular option is the San Bernardino Valley College Research Center, which offers a range of facilities and resources for researchers. They have a number of well-equipped labs, as well as access to a range of data and information resources.

For those interested in medical research, the Loma Linda University Health system is a great choice. They have a wide range of facilities available, including a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center, a clinical research center, and a number of specialized labs and clinics.

Another great option is the University of California, Riverside. With a focus on interdisciplinary research, they offer a wide range of facilities and resources for researchers across a variety of fields.

In addition to these larger facilities, there are also a number of smaller research centers and labs available throughout San Bernardino. These range from community-based centers to privately-run labs, providing a diverse range of options for researchers looking to pursue their work.

Overall, San Bernardino is a great place for researchers to live and work, with a wealth of facilities and resources available to support their work. Whether your interests lie in the scientific, medical, or social sciences fields, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue your research in this vibrant and exciting city.

Admissions and Applications in San Bernardino

Submitting an Application

If you’re planning on applying to a school or university in San Bernardino, you’re in luck. The application process is typically straightforward and can be done online. Make sure you have all your necessary documents, such as transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation, ready to go beforehand. Be thorough when filling out the application and ensure that you meet any specific requirements. Keep track of the application deadlines, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

The Admissions Process

Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s time to wait for a response. Depending on the school, the admissions process can take varying amounts of time. While you wait, make sure you’ve completed any additional steps, such as scheduling an interview or submitting a portfolio. Don’t be too anxious; focus on other tasks you need to complete while you wait for the decision.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Attending school can be expensive. In San Bernardino, there are a variety of scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities available to students to help alleviate the cost. Before applying, be sure to research the different options and their specific requirements. You can reach out to the school’s financial aid office for assistance or clarification.

The admissions and application process in San Bernardino is generally straightforward and manageable. By being thorough and diligent, you can increase your chances of being accepted and accessing the financial aid and scholarships necessary to succeed in your academic pursuits.

Financial Aid and Scholarships in San Bernardino

Options for Financial Support

If you are looking to further your education in San Bernardino, there are various options for financial support. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is often the first step to take. By submitting this form, you may become eligible for grants, work-study programs, and student loans. Along with federal aid, many private organizations provide scholarships and grants that students can apply for.

Local Scholarships

San Bernardino has a range of scholarships available that cater to specific majors, community involvement, and residency requirements. Local businesses, community groups, and foundations all contribute towards providing financial assistance. Some scholarships require you to maintain a certain GPA, while others may request community service hours or a personal essay. Make sure to read through the requirements carefully before applying.

College-Specific Aid

Colleges and universities offer financial aid packages that can cover tuition, housing, and textbooks. These aid packages are based on your financial need, academic achievements, and any unique circumstances. Moreover, work-study programs are often available at colleges where students can work on campus and earn a wage that can help offset their expenses.

Overall, San Bernardino provides many opportunities to get financial aid and scholarships to pursue higher education. While it takes some effort to apply, the end result can be life-changing.

Tuition Fees in San Bernardino

Understanding the Cost of Education

When it comes to pursuing higher education, one of the biggest obstacles that students must overcome is the cost. In San Bernardino, tuition fees vary depending on the institution you attend. Public universities tend to be more affordable than private colleges, but even so, costs can still add up quickly.

Tuition for Public Universities in San Bernardino

For California residents, tuition fees at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) are currently $6,984 per academic year. However, this does not include additional costs such as textbooks, housing, and transportation. For non-residents, tuition increases to $18,864 per year.

The cost of attending San Bernardino Valley College, a community college in the area, is significantly lower. Tuition fees for California residents are around $1,400 per year, while non-residents pay $6,220.

Tuition for Private Colleges in San Bernardino

Private colleges in San Bernardino tend to have higher tuition fees compared to public universities. For example, tuition fees at the University of Redlands can range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year depending on the program. Similarly, tuition at California Baptist University can cost around $36,000 per year.

As you can see, the cost of education in San Bernardino can vary significantly depending on the institution. It is important for students to carefully consider their options and take into account all additional costs when deciding where to pursue higher education.

Alumni Network and Achievements in San Bernardino

The Alumni Network

San Bernardino has a strong and active alumni network that is dedicated to supporting current and former students. The network offers a variety of resources for alumni, including professional development opportunities, networking events, and mentoring programs. Through these programs, alumni are able to connect with one another and share their experiences and advice. The network is also dedicated to giving back to the community through volunteer work and fundraising efforts.

Achievements of Alumni

San Bernardino alumni are achieving great things in many different fields. Many graduates of the university have gone on to successful careers in business, government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Some notable alumni include Daniel Perez, founder of the Latino Leadership & Policy Forum, and Karen Ross, California Secretary of Food and Agriculture. Additionally, San Bernardino alumni are making an impact in their communities through their work in local government, nonprofit organizations, and community service.

Benefits of the Alumni Network

The San Bernardino alumni network offers many benefits to its members. One of the main benefits is the opportunity to connect with other alumni and share experiences and advice. The network also provides professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and guest speakers. Additionally, the network can help alumni find job opportunities and advance their careers through networking and mentoring programs.

Overall, San Bernardino has a strong and active alumni network that is dedicated to supporting its members and giving back to the community. Through the network, alumni are able to connect with one another, share their experiences, and achieve great things in their careers and communities.

Fresh Graduate Salary in San Bernardino

Fresh Graduate Salary in San Bernardino

If you are a fresh graduate in San Bernardino, California, you may be wondering what kind of salary you can expect to earn. While it certainly depends on the industry, the average starting salary for recent graduates in San Bernardino is around $42,000 per year.

Of course, this can vary depending on the field you are in. For example, new graduates in the healthcare industry tend to earn a bit more, with an average salary of around $45,000 per year. Alternatively, new graduates in the retail industry generally earn less, with an average starting salary of about $35,000 per year.

It’s also important to note that salaries can vary depending on the specific company and job position. For example, a new graduate working in a management role at a larger company may earn significantly more than someone working in an entry-level position at a smaller business.

Overall, while $42,000 may not seem like a huge salary, it’s a decent starting point for many new graduates in San Bernardino. Plus, keep in mind that as you gain experience and skills, your earning potential will likely increase as well.

Community Outreach and Engagement in San Bernardino

Community Outreach and Engagement in San Bernardino

San Bernardino is a city that takes its community outreach and engagement seriously. The city recognizes that strong community engagement is critical to enhancing public safety, affordable housing, economic vitality, and youth programs. That’s why the city has implemented several programs to encourage community involvement.

One such program is the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which trains citizens to be prepared for disasters and emergencies. Another program is the Neighborhood Improvement Partnership Program (NIPP), which empowers residents to take pride in their neighborhoods by working with city staff to address neighborhood nuisances, beautification projects, and community-building events.

In addition to these programs, the city also has several community engagement advisory bodies, including the Youth Council, the Public Safety Commission, and the Human Relations Commission. These advisory bodies provide a platform for residents to engage with city leadership, discuss issues of importance, and provide feedback and recommendations on policies and programs.

Overall, San Bernardino’s commitment to community outreach and engagement has made a significant impact on the city’s quality of life. By involving residents in decision-making and providing opportunities for citizens to take an active role in their communities, the city is creating a more unified and resilient community.

Top Colleges and Universities in San Bernardino

Top List of colleges and universities in San Bernardino

San Bernardino is a city that houses some of the best colleges and universities in the state of California. If you’re looking for a great education in the Inland Empire, then San Bernardino could be the perfect place for you.

One of the most well-known colleges in San Bernardino is California State University, San Bernardino. This public university is part of the California State University system and has a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs. It is renowned for its business, engineering, and education programs, making it an excellent choice for those interested in those fields.

For those interested in pursuing a degree in healthcare, Loma Linda University is an excellent option. Loma Linda University is a private, Seventh-day Adventist university that offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in allied health, nursing, pharmacy, and medicine.

Another option for prospective students is San Bernardino Valley College. This community college provides affordable and accessible education to students of all ages and backgrounds. It is the ideal place to start your educational journey and offers a wide range of programs that can help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, San Bernardino has some fantastic options when it comes to colleges and universities. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in business, healthcare, or education, there’s sure to be a school that meets your needs in this bustling city.

The Most Popular College Majors in San Bernardino

San Bernardino is home to several colleges and universities that offer a wide variety of majors to choose from. However, some majors are more popular than others. If you’re considering pursuing a college degree, here are the most popular majors in San Bernardino:

1. Business

Business is by far the most popular major in San Bernardino. With the city being a hub for commerce and industry, it’s no surprise that many students want to pursue careers in business-related fields. Some of the most popular business majors include accounting, finance, management, and marketing.

2. Health Sciences

The health sciences field is also quite popular in San Bernardino. This major includes various programs such as nursing, public health, and health services administration. With the healthcare industry growing rapidly, pursuing a degree in health sciences can lead to a rewarding career.

3. Education

Many students in San Bernardino are also pursuing majors in education. This includes programs in early childhood development, elementary education, secondary education, and special education, among others. If you have a passion for teaching and want to make a difference in the lives of young people, a degree in education may be the right fit for you.

4. Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field is also popular in San Bernardino, with many students pursuing careers in law enforcement, probation, or correctional facilities. A degree in criminal justice can help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter this rewarding career.


Whether you’re looking to start your college journey or considering a change in your major, San Bernardino offers a variety of options. These popular majors can lead to rewarding and fulfilling careers. So why not explore one of these options for yourself?

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