The Top College Majors in Wilkes-Barre City

The Top College Majors in Wilkes-Barre City: Discover the most popular college majors in Wilkes-Barre City 2023 and get started on your career path today. Learn about the best majors in demand for the local job market.

History of the University in Wilkes-Barre city

Wilkes-Barre, a small city located in northeast Pennsylvania, has a long and rich history that is intertwined with its educational institutions. The city’s first university, Wilkes University, was founded in 1933 as a junior college. The college went through several name changes before it was finally granted university status in 1990.

Before Wilkes University was founded, the city already had a few educational institutions. King’s College, another prestigious institution, was founded in 1946 and is located a few blocks away from Wilkes University. Both universities have a rich tradition of sports, and their football teams have been competing against each other for the coveted Mayor’s Cup since 1970.

In addition to these universities, there are a few other notable educational institutions in Wilkes-Barre. The Pennsylvania State University, commonly known as Penn State, has a campus located just a few miles from the city’s downtown area. The city also has a branch of Luzerne County Community College, which offers various certificate and degree programs.

Overall, Wilkes-Barre has an impressive educational network that provides quality education to its residents. The universities and colleges in the city have produced many notable alumni, and the city is proud of its rich educational history. As the city continues to grow and prosper, its educational institutions will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping its future.

Academic Programs Offered in Wilkes-Barre City

Wilkes-Barre is a city in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, that is known for its excellent academic programs. The city is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the state, offering a diverse range of programs for students to choose from.

One of the most popular institutions in Wilkes-Barre is Wilkes University, a private institution that offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various fields. They offer a wide range of courses including Arts and Humanities, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, and Sciences, among others.

Another popular institution in the city is King’s College, which also offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various areas of study such as Business, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences. This institution is particularly renowned for its programs in the medical field.

In addition to these institutions, the Luzerne County Community College also offers a range of degree programs and certifications. They have programs in Allied Health, Business, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Technology, among others.

Other institutions in the city that offer specialized programs include the Fortis Institute, which offers programs in Medical Assisting, Dental Hygiene, and Nursing, and the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, which offers programs in Aviation Maintenance and Mechanics.

With such a diverse range of academic programs available, Wilkes-Barre is an ideal destination for students seeking quality education in a variety of fields. The institutions here are known for their excellence in teaching and research, and have produced many successful professionals in various fields.

Faculty and Staff in Wilkes-Barre City

Wilkes-Barre City has a robust educational system with an excellent faculty and staff. The city is home to various primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, ranging from public schools, universities, and colleges. This system is governed by a team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty and staff, whose primary role is to impart knowledge and shape the future of students.

The Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff in Wilkes-Barre City are highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. They hold academic qualifications from reputable schools, which has enabled them to be among the best in the country. Their expertise is matched with their passion for teaching and excellent work ethics that ensure they provide quality services to their students.

Moreover, the faculty and staff are not just knowledgeable in their respective disciplines, but they also have excellent communication skills. They engage their students actively, making the learning process more interactive and dynamic. In addition, they value diversity and create an inclusive environment that accommodates students from all walks of life.

Impacts of the Faculty and Staff

The impact of the faculty and staff on the educational system of Wilkes-Barre City cannot be overstated. They have been instrumental in producing top-performing students who excel in their fields of study. Their dedication to their work has also created a positive image for the city, making it an attractive destination for students seeking quality education.

Furthermore, the faculty and staff go beyond their call of duty to provide additional support to their students. They offer guidance on career choices, work placement, and various extracurricular activities, which help to shape the character and future prospects of the students.

In conclusion, the faculty and staff in Wilkes-Barre City play a critical role in the educational system. Their exemplary work ethics, expertise, and dedication to their work make them invaluable assets in shaping the future of the students. Their impact is felt not just within the city but also beyond. Their commitment to excellence in education has created an environment conducive to learning and academic growth.

Campus Life in Wilkes-Barre City

Campus Life in Wilkes-Barre City

If you’re a student studying in Wilkes-Barre, you’re in luck. The city has a vibrant campus life, with plenty of activities and events aimed at students. Whether you’re looking to socialize, study, or just kick back and relax, there’s something for everyone.

The local colleges and universities organize a wide variety of events throughout the year, from concerts and movie nights to sports tournaments and cultural festivals. These events are open to all students, and they provide a great opportunity to connect with your peers and explore the city around you.

Aside from official events, the city also has plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants that cater to students. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to study or a lively spot to grab a drink with friends, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. And with the city’s affordable cost of living, you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself.

Of course, campus life isn’t just about socializing and entertainment. Wilkes-Barre also has excellent academic resources for students. The area is home to numerous libraries, research centers, and other specialized facilities that can help you succeed in your studies. And with plenty of opportunities for internships and other forms of work experience, you’ll be well-prepared for your future career.

In short, campus life in Wilkes-Barre is diverse, exciting, and full of opportunities for personal and academic growth. Whether you’re a local or a transplant, you’ll find plenty to love about this dynamic and welcoming community.

Research Facilities in Wilkes-Barre City

Wilkes-Barre City is home to various research facilities. These facilities are important for advancing scientific knowledge and innovation. They offer state-of-the-art equipment, expert researchers, and funding opportunities for graduate students and faculty members.


One of the prominent research facilities in the area is the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Research & Development Center. It provides research support for industry organizations, including materials characterization and analysis, prototype development, and technical consultation. The center also has advanced laboratories for environmental testing, mechanical testing, and process engineering.

Another research facility in the city is the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center. The facility provides a range of research programs that aim to improve the health and well-being of veterans. These programs include medical research, clinical trials, and rehabilitation research. The center has state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified researchers.


The research facilities in Wilkes-Barre City offer excellent opportunities for graduate students and faculty members. They provide funding opportunities, internships, and research assistant positions. These opportunities help students and faculty members to advance their research interests and gain valuable experience.

In conclusion, Wilkes-Barre City is home to various research facilities that offer modern equipment, expert researchers, and funding opportunities for graduate students and faculty members. These facilities are important for advancing scientific knowledge and innovation. They provide opportunities for students and researchers to engage in cutting-edge research and gain valuable experience.

Admissions and Applications in Wilkes-Barre City

Applying for College in Wilkes-Barre City

Wilkes-Barre City is home to several esteemed colleges and universities, including King’s College, Wilkes University, and Luzerne County Community College. If you’re interested in applying to any of these institutions, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their application processes and requirements.

Most colleges in Wilkes-Barre City accept applications online through their websites. You will typically need to provide personal information, your academic record, and any relevant extracurricular activities. Some colleges may also require essays and letters of recommendation.

Admissions Requirements and Deadlines

Each college has its own admissions requirements and deadlines, so it’s important to check with the institutions you’re interested in attending. Generally, colleges in Wilkes-Barre City look for students with a strong academic record, involvement in extracurricular activities, and a desire to learn and grow.

Deadlines will vary based on the college and the program you’re applying to. It’s important to submit your application and any required materials well before the deadline to ensure that your application is considered.

Financial Aid

If you’re concerned about the cost of college, there are many options for financial aid and scholarships in Wilkes-Barre City. Each college provides resources for financial aid, including grants, loans, and scholarships. It’s important to research and apply for financial aid early to ensure that you have enough funding to cover your education.

Overall, applying to college in Wilkes-Barre City requires thorough research and planning. By familiarizing yourself with admissions requirements, deadlines, and financial aid opportunities, you can set yourself up for success and pursue your academic goals in this vibrant city.

Financial Aid and Scholarships in Wilkes-Barre City

Financial Aid Programs

Wilkes-Barre City offers numerous financial aid programs for students who do not have the means to finance their education. The programs vary depending on the student’s financial need and academic merit. For students who qualify, the funding can pay for tuition, books, fees, and room and board. These programs also include federal and state grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities in Wilkes-Barre City are available for students who wish to pursue their education. Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s academic merit, talent, or financial need. Many local organizations, such as non-profits and corporations, also offer scholarship opportunities for students in specific fields of study.

Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships

To apply for financial aid and scholarships, students must first complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application determines the student’s eligibility for funding from the federal and state governments. Additionally, students may need to complete additional applications for scholarships, which often require submission of essays, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

The Benefits of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid and scholarships provide students with the opportunity to pursue higher education without the burden of accumulating student loan debt. By reducing financial stress, students can focus on their academic goals and achieve academic success with confidence.

In conclusion, Wilkes-Barre City offers financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help students finance their higher education. These programs enable students to pursue their academic goals while minimizing financial burdens. Students must take advantage of these opportunities by applying for various programs and researching scholarship grants thoroughly.

Tuition Fees in Wilkes-Barre City

Tuition for Public Schools

In the city of Wilkes-Barre, the tuition for public schools varies depending on the grade level. For elementary, middle, and high school, the tuition fees range from $7,000 to $9,000 per year. However, this tuition price is only applicable for residents of Wilkes-Barre. Non-residents must pay more fees, ranging from $10,000 to $12,000 per year.

Tuition for Private Schools

If you prefer to send your children to a private school, Wilkes-Barre offers a variety of options with differing tuition rates. Most private schools in the city have tuition fees ranging from $12,000 to $25,000 per year. However, some schools offer financial aid packages and scholarships to eligible students.

Higher Education Tuition Fees

Wilkes-Barre is home to several higher education institutions, including Wilkes University and King’s College. The tuition fees for these institutions vary depending on the degree program and the student’s residence status. In-state students generally pay between $15,000 to $25,000 per year, while out-of-state students can expect to pay $25,000 to $35,000 per year.

Additional Costs

It’s important to note that tuition fees only cover the cost of education. Additional costs such as textbooks, supplies, and transportation also need to be considered. Private schools may have additional fees for uniforms, extracurricular activities, and special programs.

In conclusion, the tuition fees in Wilkes-Barre city depend on the school type, grade level, and student’s residency status. It’s important to research and compare tuition rates and additional costs of each education institution before making a decision.

Wilkes-Barre City’s Alumni Network and Achievements

A Strong Alumni Community

Wilkes-Barre City boasts of a strong alumni community that has played a significant role in shaping the city’s growth and development. The alumni of Wilkes-Barre City are not only a reservoir of knowledge but are also instrumental in creating networks that foster collaboration and innovation.

Impressive Achievements

The alumni of Wilkes-Barre City have achieved so much in various fields, including education, business, sports, entertainment, and politics. Many of them have excelled in their respective fields, winning local and international awards and accolades.

For instance, some of the alumni have made tremendous contributions to the development of the city’s economy. They have started businesses and created job opportunities for many residents. Others have excelled in the sports field, representing the city in international competitions and bringing home medals and trophies.

Networking Opportunities

Thanks to the strong alumni community in Wilkes-Barre City, professionals can tap into the network to seek job opportunities, partnerships, and connections. There are several alumni associations, events, and initiatives that bring alumni together and create opportunities for networking.

In conclusion, the alumni of Wilkes-Barre City are a force to be reckoned with, and their contributions to the city’s growth are immeasurable. Their impressive achievements, coupled with their networking opportunities, make them an invaluable asset for any individual or organization seeking to succeed in the city.

Fresh Graduate Salary in Wilkes-Barre city

Fresh Graduate Salary in Wilkes-Barre city

Fresh graduates often wonder how much they could earn once they enter the workforce. In Wilkes-Barre city, Pennsylvania, the average salary for a fresh graduate is around $40,000 to $45,000 per year. However, this can vary depending on the field of work, level of education, and experience.

For fresh graduates in the field of healthcare, the salary range is usually higher compared to other industries, ranging from $48,000 to $52,000. On the other hand, those who work in the tech industry, particularly in software development, start with a salary of $40,000 to $45,000.

It is important to note that the cost of living in Wilkes-Barre city is lower compared to other major cities in the United States. This means that fresh graduates can expect a comfortable lifestyle even with an entry-level salary. However, it is still important to budget wisely and consider living expenses, such as rent, utilities, and transportation.

In recent years, the job market in Wilkes-Barre city has also shown promising growth, with many local businesses and industries expanding and creating new job opportunities. This is good news for fresh graduates who are looking to start their careers in the area.

In conclusion, the average fresh graduate salary in Wilkes-Barre city ranges from $40,000 to $45,000 per year. Depending on the industry and level of experience, this can go higher or lower. With a lower cost of living and a growing job market, fresh graduates can look forward to a promising future in this Pennsylvania city.

Community Outreach and Engagement in Wilkes-Barre city

Community Outreach and Engagement in Wilkes-Barre city

Wilkes-Barre city is a vibrant and diverse community that has a rich history of community outreach and engagement. The city has a variety of organizations, community groups, and neighborhood associations that work together to promote community development and social inclusion.

The Role of Community Outreach and Engagement

Community outreach and engagement play a critical role in building stronger communities. By working together, community members can identify local needs, develop solutions, and mobilize resources to improve the quality of life for all residents. The city of Wilkes-Barre has a robust network of community organizations that engage residents in a variety of initiatives, including neighborhood beautification, youth mentorship programs, and community events.

Benefits of Community Outreach and Engagement

The benefits of community outreach and engagement are numerous. Community members who are engaged in local initiatives are more likely to feel invested in their communities and are more likely to participate in decision-making processes. Stronger neighborhoods increase property values, provide safer environments, and improve overall quality of life. Community engagement also fosters a sense of social responsibility, promotes civic pride, and encourages individuals to be more active and involved citizens.

In conclusion, community outreach and engagement are essential components of building strong, vibrant, and inclusive communities. By working together, residents of Wilkes-Barre city can create a more cohesive and unified community that benefits everyone. Whether through volunteering, participating in local initiatives, or supporting community organizations, we can all play a role in strengthening our communities.

Best Colleges and Universities in Wilkes-Barre City

Top List of colleges and universities in Wilkes-Barre city

Wilkes-Barre City, located in northeastern Pennsylvania, is home to several notable colleges and universities. These institutions have a reputation for academic excellence, and they offer a wide range of programs to suit the educational needs and interests of students.

One of the top colleges in Wilkes-Barre is King’s College. This private institution was founded in 1946 and is renowned for its academic rigor and commitment to student success. King’s offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, education, healthcare, and the humanities. The college is also known for its strong sense of community and its focus on service learning and community engagement.

Another highly regarded institution in Wilkes-Barre is Wilkes University. Founded in 1933, Wilkes is a private university that serves over 2,500 students. The university offers over 50 undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields, including arts and sciences, engineering, education, and healthcare. Wilkes is known for its small class sizes, personalized attention, and dedication to hands-on learning and research.

In addition to King’s College and Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre is also home to Luzerne County Community College (LCCC). This two-year college is a popular choice for students who are looking to earn an associate degree or a certificate in a specific field. LCCC offers over 100 programs in areas such as business, healthcare, social sciences, and technology. The college is known for its affordable tuition rates, flexible scheduling options, and commitment to student success.

Overall, Wilkes-Barre City offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds and interests. Whether you are looking to pursue a degree in business, healthcare, technology, or the humanities, there is likely a college or university in Wilkes-Barre that will meet your needs. With its strong academic reputation, supportive community, and range of programs and resources, Wilkes-Barre is an excellent choice for anyone who is seeking a high-quality education.

The Most Popular College Majors in Wilkes-Barre City

Wilkes-Barre City is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. These institutions offer a wide range of programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of students. If you’re considering pursuing higher education in Wilkes-Barre, it’s important to know which majors are the most popular among the locals.

According to recent statistics, the most popular college majors in Wilkes-Barre City are:

  • Business Administration
  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Psychology

These programs have attracted thousands of students over the years, and for good reason. They offer excellent career prospects and the opportunity to make a real difference in the community. Whether you’re interested in managing a business or helping others, Wilkes-Barre City has a college major that’s right for you.

If you’re still undecided on what major to pursue, don’t worry. Wilkes-Barre City offers plenty of resources to help you make an informed decision. You can schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, attend a career fair, or even take a career assessment test to find out which major is best for you.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the most popular college majors in Wilkes-Barre City today and take a step towards your dream career!

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